Why Flow Academy

The challenge facing modern businesses is how to apply their capabilities to improving value discovery, management and delivery.

It sounds simple when set out on a page like that but the workplace is an arena of competing demands and very different skill sets: product innovation and management, marketing, IT infrastructure, software development and delivery.

These reflect very distinct backgrounds and skills and one of the challenges is to find a way to get them to work together for a common cause.

Flow Academy brings together those skill-sets and experiences. We are from a business and IT background. Our experiences stand out above those even of major consultancies. We have practical hands-on experience of managing transformation at scale in fast-moving business environments and have designed and pioneered many of the techniques you need.

Many practitioners learn their trade by reading articles and books and riding on the coattails of consultancies that have a set model for how to change.

We understand how to analyse context and to support you in uncovering what needs to change, how you can scale down a challenge and skill up ready for that change, and how you build the learning environment that you need in order to make that change successful.

Some of the clients we have worked with

Flow Academy

Who are we

Fin Goulding

Fin Goulding

Fin Goulding has earned a global reputation as an experienced IT senior leader improving agile methodologies and implementing extreme delivery techniques within major organisations.

A noted bridge-builder between an agile IT capability and business strategy, over the past five years he has transformed into a business agility expert.

He brings experience as a senior IT Executive in organisations like Visa, RBS, NatWest, HSBC, Aviva and digital startups such as lastminute.com, travelocity.com and paddypower.com together with his Flow Academy practitioner work to advise companies undergoing transformation.

As well as being a popular keynote speaker and panellist, Fin co-founded the Flow Academy with Haydn to help bridge the IT-business divide and support leaders and executives in designing successful digital, agile and business transformations.
Haydn Shaughnessy

Haydn Shaughnessy

Haydn has a thirty-year background in innovation and transformation. He has pioneered platform and ecosystem thinking, one of the main operating model transitions in the modern age.

He has spent decades researching and advising on the impact of new technology on customer requirements and organisational structure and competitiveness.

Through this extensive engagement with application innovation, he has been able to lead Flow Academy’s work on new value discovery tools and operating model design.

A thought leader for several US think tanks, such as nGenera and Gigaom, his work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Strategy and Leadership, the Wall St Journal and Forbes.

Haydn’s work was described by Forbes as “everything you need to know about digital transformation but were afraid to ask.”


About Flow Academy

Flow Academy

Flow Academy is an Irish innovation and transformation practice based in Dublin and Cork. Our successful careers as agile practitioners gave us the inspiration to create the company

It is led by Fin Goulding (former SVP at Visa USA in San Francisco, CTO at lastminute.com and Paddy Power plus International CIO at Aviva Plc) and Haydn Shaughnessy (platform, ecosystem and innovation expert who has been an advisor to global organisations including Nike, Coca Cola, Kimberly Clarke, SWIFT and BP and has written for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Wall St Journal)

Haydn and Fin have been working on transformations for most of their careers. They offer unique insights into transformation not just because of their wide experience. Haydn has a background in R&D, innovation and business applications while Fin is a regular on the global top 100 CTO/CIO lists

Work on Flow as a framework for transformation began in 2013 with Fin’s role at Paddy Power, which gained a reputation as one of the most transformative companies in Europe. From six releases a year, the company moved quickly to 50 a day, pioneered value-based work design and lighthouse projects for re-platforming. At the same time, Haydn was pioneering platform and ecosystem strategy and developing a new value delivery framework

Since 2015 Haydn and Fin have brought the separate strands of their work together to fill out the missing parts in business agility and change. Bringing the perspectives of the business and IT together has allowed them to move the debate about business agility and transformation onto a new level

Their most important insights, gained from working with clients around the world, led them to the Transformation Sprint as a way to simplify change and build a stronger learning experience for leaders

Flow Academy creates thought leadership and tools to support companies in the transformation process has advised and trained clients in Europe, the USA and increasingly Asia.