Value Delivery

Value delivery is usually called “agile” so this might be the first time that you’ve seen this term “value delivery”. When the pioneers of agile first outlined the principles it was all about IT. By and large, the focus is still IT and that’s why we developed Flow – to incorporate the wider business into the agility family. Value delivery is the final stage of the holistic discovery, management, delivery cycle.

The triumvirate of Value Discovery, Management and Delivery

Value Delivery is designed to deliver the right products, services and projects at the right time.

When coupled with Value Discovery (which in part covers product dev) and Value Management (which focuses an organisation’s project portfolio), the products or features you end up delivering are those with the highest value with a view to delivering Customer/Partner success.

Value Delivery

Reducing the pressure on IT 

Many “agilists” talk about fail-fast, though it’s just not tolerated in some businesses, especially in financial services. Over time companies have pushed too many projects into their “funnel” and are littered with failed products because they have not instigated a rigorous enough analysis before green-lighting projects for development.

IT can then be a bottleneck because of the sheer volume of work coming its way. Value Management ensures that the portfolio of work is focused on the goals of the organisation, using value as a key decision criterion. That forces the business to create more thought-through products or propositions to prevent risky products from getting into IT. 

With a cleaner IT slate, Flow makes the choice of IT agile methodology for Value Delivery less of an issue or indeed a risk. 

Which Value Delivery Method should I use?

The preferred approach includes kanban, micro-services, DevOps/Holistic teams, automated pipelines, continuous delivery and cloud. With some tweaking, Flow can be adapted to work with most approaches including Scrum or any of the large-scaled agile frameworks. 

Fin is always open and available for a debate on which method is best and how to adapt Flow!