The Art Of Good Value Discovery


How to discover and realise new ideas about value A decade back GE created a platform for health, called healthymagination, and in 2011 made its first attempt at organising an ecosystem in the area of breast cancer research. The idea was to attract data scientists and analysts to crack the code on breast cancer diagnosis. It […]

Why You Should Revisit Value Discovery

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Value discovery is one of the most important tasks a company can undertake. This is more so now than ever because of the way consumer tastes are changing so rapidly. Here’s how and why Ecosystem Thinking, rather than Lean Startup, should help you raise your game. Something has changed dramatically in the world of value discovery. […]

Defining The Business Ecosystem


For ecosystems to be effective they must delegate risk, harness third party innovation, and create low barriers to entry This is the first in our Ecosystem Thinking series. For more information, articles and updates, click here. How times have changed, until you look back through an old document or PowerPoint. I did that recently and came […]

Conventional Risk Frameworks Are Not Attuned To The “Hidden Risks Of Transformation” By Haydn Shaughnessy and Fin Goulding


Can there be such a thing as an agile risk management function? The question is deeply important because competitive conditions are forcing more and more companies into agile and digital transformations. Risk management could have a key enabling role. Let’s look at why. According to a McKinsey Global Survey, only 16% of companies interviewed considered their digital […]

Flow, Empowerment, And Why You Might Struggle With Digital Transformation

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Enterprise empowerment means anarchy -and anarchy is good There is a motorway on the outskirts of Brussels that goes nowhere. It comes to a halt half-way across an intersection. It was built with a purpose but never got finished. Digital transformation is very much the same breed of human intent. What do we need to […]

Fostering the IT Business Dialogue Part 2: The new language of business


In the first part of this short series, I focused on aspects of IT that people on the business side typically don’t keep abreast of. That lag creates tension in IT-Business relationships, which in turn slows down innovation. The business often does not know what modern IT is capable of – in terms of applications, […]

Fostering The IT Business Dialogue Part 1: The new language of IT

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To the IT department a minimum viable product can mean an opportunity to interact with customers with a basic new prototype. To a business leader, a minimum viable product might mean the minimum that is viable in the market. There are big differences between those two – from a few wireframes to help elicit interest, […]

Think Like A Startup?

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Should large companies be looking to act like a startup? Sure, but like everything in business, the simple idea carries important nuances. There are three reasons for the “act like a startup” mantra now being so popular. Startups can create huge valuations at apparently low cost (a bit of a myth); startups are agile enough […]