How to Foster a Learning Culture during Transformation Using a Lighthouse Project

Lighthouse Project

One of the biggest challenges any senior leader faces is to nurture transformation to a successful conclusion. In general, transformations hit moments of chaos or complexity that people are happy to get through, but that can mean leaving behind lessons that are invaluable to corporate innovation capability. We developed the lighthouse project concept to help counter this […]

What the board needs to know about business transformation


Transformation was already high on the board agenda prior to COVID 19 but its importance is growing as executive teams wrestle how the post-pandemic economy will shape up. Do you know enough about the mechanics of transformation to fully support the executive team as they engage with one of the more fraught episodes in anyone’s […]

The Moonshot and the Lighthouse: Rethinking COVID Recovery Strategies

Lighthouse Project

If you want to grab a headline or a news agenda, then proposing a moonshot program to counter COVID 19, implicitly comparing yourself to Google (an early moonshot proponent), and promising £100 billion of spending, is a good way to go about it. That’s exactly what the UK Government did and this is why it […]

How you can use Transformation Sprints to move on from COVID 19

transformation sprint

If there were any doubts that COVID 19 would impact the economy for a long time to come, then the second wave sweeping Europe must put them to rest. Leaving aside the health issues, the IMF already estimates global production losses at over $28 trillion and banks that we have spoken to are now stress-testing their finances […]

Three ways to save on Post-COVID transformation costs without creating downside

Lighthouse Thinking

In the last article on leadership purpose, we touched on the unobserved costs of new transformation initiatives. Cost is top of mind as companies seek a way out of COVID. Inevitably the “way out” will involve redesigning parts of the operating model and the value connection a company has with its markets.    But nothing can […]

Why You Should Be Talking Less Agile and More Flow


By Haydn Shaughnessy, Fin Goulding and Mik Kersten Traditional companies are at high risk of disruption, and many companies are deploying an organization-wide agile transformation of one kind or another in an attempt to compete in today’s digital marketplace. However, these transformations are expensive and fail at an alarming rate. If your company is like […]

How to remodel your business to prosper after COVID

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You’ve got your current situation under control but how will you develop a vision for the future, one that positions you to serve the dramatically different needs of customers post-lockdown? Accelerating plans for becoming a more digital business is part of it but what if customer needs, taste and demand shift significantly? If for no […]

Three Steps to Navigate the COVID Change Curve Successfully

Lighthouse Thinking

In this final article of our series of three, we are looking at transformation tools for the post-COVID period. How can you adapt your business quickly with improved outcomes for your customers? Read on. Less than 48 hours after our first article in this series went out, we saw the loss of thousands of jobs. Airbnb, […]

How to climb the COVID change curve


In this second article out of our series of three, we look at how to initiate positive change against the backdrop of COVID 19. Your first reaction to COVID might have been “it’s temporary”. But right now you need to figure out how to make permanent change happen fast. Here Haydn Shaughnessy looks at how Flow’s […]

How To Find Value With Market Segmentation

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Look for value in your markets – not your customers – to build resilience to disruption On my way home from a business trip and five minutes out from the railway station, I took the unusual step of booking a taxi. I say unusual because the station has a taxi rank inhabited by a long […]